The Kafers

Kafers are bipedal, humanoid creatures approximately two meters tall. They have a vaguely insectoid appearence, due mostly to the large carapace on their backs, the bristly, hair like projections on their forearms and lower legs, and their vertical mouths which consist of a complicated arrangement of mouthparts between the two large, powerful mandibles.

First Encounter

Humans first learned of the Kafers after a French-funded research station was built in orbit around the star Arcturus, at the far end of the French arm of exploration. The station had been in operation for about 7 years when, in 2295 vessels entered the system from outside human space. Radio messages were exchanged between human and alien, but with no comprehension on either side. After a few hours the aliens left. Two years later they were back. Without provocation they attacked the station, then swept onto Eta Bootis, where they overran the human fleets stationed there, then attacked the human colony on Aurore, landing several hundred troops on the planet. Humanity had experienced its first taste of Kafer ferocity.Aliencomparison


The Kafer is coming! Skud