The Pentapods

Although truly more alien than any of the others races discovered to this point (with the possible exception of the Klaxun ), the Pentapods may turn out to be humanities best friend. These amphibian bioengineers demonstrate a fascination with humans and are constantly seeking ways to be of service, espicially in trading bioengineered products for human technology.


The Pentapods hail from the first of two worlds in orbit around DM+43 1953, a small red star.

Physical Description

Pentapods are 5-footed amphibians standing about 1 meter tall. The Pentapod head is a bullet-shaped bony case housing the brain and the main sensory organs. Five eyes on stalks provide a circle vision and can be retracted into depressions in the skull.

Attached to the skull with shoulder-like joints are the 5 legs; each is internally supported by three rigid bones and terminates in a fleshy pad (the pod or foot). Just above the pod are four fleshy tentacles or fingers which fill grasping or manpulative functions.

Directly below the skull is the central body containing the major organs. A single mouth at the base of the skull leads to the digestive system. The breathing tube through the skull leads to the lungs; Pentapods exhales through five vents at the bottom of the body.

Basic Society

Humanity realize that Pentapods view themselves as machines, each individual filling its niche in the overall Pentapod society.

First Encounter

In 2251 the Astronomischen Rechen-Institut sent a pair of survey vessels to DM+27 28217 a red dwarf star just out from DM+36 2219 on the French Arm. Upon approaching the second of the system’s three planets, Institut vessels encountered a strangely organic-looking object in orbit there, an object the size of a small moon.

An xenobiologist on the human vessel theorized after careful observation that it was a vessel. They gained entry to this vessel, and established peaceful contact with the Pentapods. The pentapods have since established an enclave on Beta Canum Venaticorum -4, an important colony world further in on the French arm.



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