The Ebers

Ancestors of the Ebers developed faster-than-light drives at about the same time that humanity’s ancestors were beginning the widespread use of bronze. But interstellar war ravaged their culture, driving them back to the second stone age. They have just recently reinvented the steam engine.


Once possessing three colonies, the Ebers now dwell on on 82 Eridani’s fourth planet.

Physical Description

Ebers are tall, heavy bipedal creatures with thick short legs, extremely long thin arms and no recognizable heads. An individual Eber stands about 2 metres tall at the shoulder. The body and legs are covered with a thick, shaggy fur, usually of a rust-brown colour. The short legs and thick heavy body give Ebers a waddling walk.


Ebers have a long history of intense territorialism. In ages past, they had actually developed an instellar drive and colonized three planets but wars over the territorial rights drove them back to the stone age.

The Ebers ways of life is conducted in a slow, sedate, ceremonial way. The creatures have a marked fondness for bulky ornate clothing. Business typically involves a plethora of formalites: gifts and speeches are exchanged, meals are given and visiting done, a multitude of reports are filed, etc moreso than the worst of human breaucracies.

First Encounter

The humans first learned of the Ebers in 2249, when an Arabian team discovered the ruins of an ancient colony on Daikoku, a planet in the Beta Hydri System. 3 years later a Texan expedition to Rho Eridani found a similar ruins on Heidelsheimat. Archaeologists estimated both sets of ruins at nearly 4000 years old.

Finally in 2256 a United Arab Republic expedition discovered the Ebers living on 82 Eridani. Initial contact was awkward until humans realised the importance of Eber ceremony. Relations are currently good at the moment because humans have learned to adapt (and not the reverse). Humans who deal with Ebers must do so in Eber dress, using Eber customs at an Eber’s pace.

There are currently two human enclaves on the Eber homeworld. One Texan and the other belonging to the UAR.


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