The Klaxun

The Klaxun are the most recently discovered alien race, from a world on the very fringes of the French Arm.


The Klaxun’s emerging civilisation was discovered quite by accident on a world surrounding the unlikely orange star DM+17 2611. For a time, only a marooned expedition there had contact with them, but since rescue, the Klaxun have become the latest craze among Earth’s xenobiolgists.

Physical Description

The Klaxun are bizarre creatures, from a human standpoint, since they do not readily fit into any one of the broad categories we have come to recognise.

The Klaxun stand between 1.3 and 2.6 metres in height (when fully extended), and mass approx 50 to 100kg. They are usually green or grey iun coloration, and this may change with the proximity to moisture and how much sunlight they are receiving at the time.

From the ground up, the Klaxun have several root/legs, which are used for locomotion and for drawing nutrients from the soil when necessary. The root/legs have feelers attached to them which are the Klaxun’s primary sensory apparatus. The root/legs extend from the base of the brain/body case, in the very core of the individual. The case is very rugged, protecting the brain and vital organs. At the top of the brain/body case there is a mouth, the opening of the digestive system which operates in concert with photosynthesis centered elesewhere. From the top of the creature extends several branch/arms, each with weak tentacles. The exact number of branch/arms varies from individual to indivudual.

Their diet is a combination of foraged food and photosynthesized starches.

Klaxun reproduce through seeding.

Klaxun communicate through physical contact, using the branch/arms and tentacles to relay their information. This Klaxun “dance” is very difficult for humans to imitate, but successful communication has been made by humans using their handa and fingers as barely adequate subsitutes.


The Klaxun are in the very early stages of their civilisation. To put this in terms of human history, the Klaxun are now at about the level of very early Mesopotamian civilisations, only beginning to develope systems of government, cooperation and hierachy.

The Klaxun have built a large city complex on the southern shore of the equatorial sea. The city is a collection of maze-like open roofed rooms and corridors with few trappings.

The Klaxuns have developed a hierachy based on sightedness of the individual which is quite variable. Sighted Klaxun are better able to perform certain tasks and have many clear advantages over their blind counterparts. They have, therefore, taken their natural place as leaders of the communities. However the current civilisation is experiencing its first true cicil unrest with the less fortunate blind Klaxun organizing for social change.

First Encounter

The Klaxun were accidentally encountered by the ill-fated expedition of the LaFarge, commanded by Marie C Dubois a ship and crew under the direction of the Trilon corporation. Sent to the area on company orders the LaFarge encounters hostile Kafers in the DM+17 2611 system. After a brief firefight their ship was forced down onto the second planet of the system. The LaFarge was destroyed. The crew set out for more temperate equatorial regions of the planet and await rescue, their only hope for survival.

But at the time of the crash and the trek across the frozen tundra coincided with the Klaxun hibernation. When they arrived at the equatorial sea, they found themselves in the middle of a bizarre civilisation of aliens. Without the help of these Klaxuns the human crew would never have survived the next two winters on DM+17 2611 II. After two winters a rescue ship finally did arrive and the Klaxun were officially introduced to humanity as a new alien intelligence.Aliencomparison


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